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Sarah & Dustin

September 12, 2017

A Lowertown and Noble Park Paducah Engagement Session

Not many people can say they are married to their first boyfriend/girlfriend and shared their first kiss as a married couple on their wedding day with the very same person they shared their very first kiss with EVER. But Sarah and Dustin will be able to say that, come the first Saturday in October! They grew up together, went to the same schools, and Sarah found herself in “as much love as aa 13 years old could be” with Dustin. But life happened and come high school, they were no longer together. They went to college, and each found their own careers before reconnecting again. But their cute story doesn’t stop there!

Sarah began substitute teaching in that same school district with none other than Dustin’s mom making the subbing assignment calls every morning. She became close with her soon-to-be mother-in-law once again! At that time, Dustin also worked for the school system and one morning, they spotted each other across the parking lot. Sarah said she couldn’t stop thinking about him after that short chance encounter. She text him that weekend and they’ve been together ever since! GAH I love stories like their’s!

Sarah had mentioned to me that she loves “old times” things and that they both love being outdoors. I immediately knew where I’d take them for their engagement session! Lowertown Paducah and Noble Park. Lowertown isn’t used by many other photographers, which I love, but finding a spot in Noble Park that doesn’t look like Noble Park? I had to make sure not one would be able to pin point that location and I think I succeeded! All the while, finding a beautiful Bradford Pear tree!