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Elizabeth & Nathan

September 5, 2017

A Country Plantation House Wedding | Greenville, Kentucky

It wasn’t my first time shooting a wedding at The Country Plantation House but it felt so new! I could probably shoot there 100 times and still feel like there are places and things there that I didn’t notice the times before. Shooting with Elizabeth & Nathan was much the same – no matter what pose I tried on them, they looked amazing in it and so I was more going off the cuff with their bride & groom portraits than I usually do. No need to reference their engagement images to see which poses suited them best!

But let me back up to when we arrived at The Country Plantation House at the beginning of Elizabeth & Nathan’s big day…

The hustle of ceremony and reception prep was happening on the first floor of the mansion. The girls were on the second floor bustling about – finishing hair and makeup and preparing to get into their gowns. The guys were hanging out in the basement, awaiting for further instructions or running errands around the property as needed. We greeted everyone and then got into the swing of our timeline – ceremony details, bridal details – like we do with most weddings. There was no shortage on bridal details so, as always, I was thankful to have Neil there with me as my second shooter. Since he was taking care of the girls’ getting ready and hanging out, I was able to focus on alllll the prettiest that Elizabeth took so much time, energy, and money on. And being able to photograph her details in such a stunning room as the pink bedroom at the plantation made it all the more lovely!

When it was time to get Elizabeth in her wedding gown, Neil headed downstairs to photograph the guys getting ready and hanging out. One of the first things Neil and I do after saying our Hellos is to scout out the location and decide where we’re doing what. Neil loved the feel of the third floor game room area and it only made sense to take the guys upstairs for a while.

Locations are pretty endless at the plantation and it’s definitely one of my favorite things about that venue, however not even the venue took the main stage when it came to Elizabeth & Nathan’s day. A few of my favorite things: How calm and collected both Elizabeth & Nathan were leading up to the ceremony – not sure I’ve hung out with a more laid back couple preparing for the biggest day of their lives thus far! How tender and patient Elizabeth was with the children they’d included in their wedding – she spent so much time making sure everyone was comfortable and having a great time. How packed and energized the dance floor was during the reception even though it grew a tad chilly outside. And last but definitely not least: How Nathan looked at Elizabeth from the first moment he saw her walking down the aisle toward him. Almost as if he still could not believe that she was with him, that she’d said YES to being his wife, and that she would be his forever and ever! I’m sure, even months later now, that he still looks at her that same adoring way!