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Second shooting my first wedding

April 10, 2011

Yesterday I drove to Paducah to have lunch with my photography mentor, Stephanie Reeder of Stephanie Reeder Photography, before heading to our wedding. I was really nervous but more so excited. I knew that I was in capable hands. Lunch was good, we dropped by Walmart to pick up a few things, and then we sat out, 40 minutes early, to a prominent doctor’s house. This house was amazing. I’ve never been in a house like this before. Sure, I’ve been in a few mansions and some European castles and you kind of expect them to be as grand as they are, but this house? I did not expect. I’d like to share pictures but I need to check with Stephanie to see which one’s a I can share. Primary-secondary shooter contracts are interesting.

We were there from 1:20pm to 9:30pm and shot from 2pm to 9pm. It was a loooong day but great all the same. I have stage 1 pressure ulcers on my feet. I’m not exaggerating. One thing is for sure, I need to get better flats if I’m going to keep this up! Which I plan on if Stephanie will have me 🙂