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Six Years

July 8, 2013

This image was taken a little over six years ago. Neil and I went to the St Louis Zoo with our best friends Megan & Bryan as a little trip before The Big Day. That big day being my and Neil’s wedding. Yesterday marked our 6th year wedding anniversary!

I wish I had a few wedding images to show you but honestly, I didn’t know jack about wedding photography back then and didn’t hire a wedding photographer to photograph my wedding. You might think I’m just saying that to better prove my point that every bride should really look into who they hire to shoot their wedding and to further my point that every bride should hire an actual professional wedding photographer, and yea, my story helps but it’s also completely the truth.

But this blog post is not about that. That is for another day, another blog post.

Today’s blog post is all about our marriage.

Six years.

To some it might not seem like a long time. To others, it might be something to look forward to.

Considering Neil and I have known each other for 14 years and been dating for almost 10, six years isn’t a long time. In fact, Neil jokes “It’s only been six years??” Haha 😉

I thought about writing 6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Years of Marriage, to tell you in a very vague manner where we are right now in our lives and our marriage. But I don’t want to be vague.

Right now Neil is in Memphis training for his new job. He left last night, the night of our anniversary, and will be gone until Friday night. Very recently he was laid off a good job he’s had for years. It wouldn’t have been such a deal if I hadn’t just quit my nursing job a couple months ago to take my photography business full time. Business is going well but it will take time to get it to where it needs to be in order to support our family. We were financially stable enough for me to quit nursing and thankfully, enough so Neil could find a good job. We are very blessed that it didn’t take long.

Right now we are slowly but surely working on making this new house our home. We’ve been in the new house for 10 months and so far have fixed a few minor exterior things and have renovated both bathrooms. I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished so far but I’m looking forward to building our house fund back up again to do more.

And right now Neil and I are dealing with infertility. Neil and I have been TTC naturally since August of 2011, obviously with no luck. In March 2012, we started charting and tracking and trying… harder. Finally, in January 2013 we sought help from a OBGYN in town. Tests found that we both have… issues. At first, we didn’t tell anyone but our parents because at first we weren’t too worried. It seemed like, with some treatment, we would be fine. Four unsuccessful cycles of treatment and na-da. We were slowly being torn down by what we felt like was failure on our part. It was crushing. In April we confided in some great friends who made us understand that we are not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed about. It was only then that we realized we had been relying on our own understanding of the situation and not giving it all up to God.

Our infertility has brought Neil and I much closer together but it could have torn us apart. We are dealing with it together and I think that is the most important thing that 6 years of marriage has taught me: how to.