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The Office, in home vs out of home

July 10, 2013

Ever since I started my business I’ve been parking myself on my living room couch every morning. There’s a perfect dent in the shape of my butt on one particular cushion, which is the only claim I have to my “office”. Tons of people work on their laptop from the comfort of their own couch but do they have the two cushions on either side of them taken up with papers and more papers? My “desk” is a mess and thankfully, we have a huge couch, but it’s trashing up our living room and I know my husband doesn’t appreciate it. SO, I need to change that.

It’s Pro-Con List Time!

The In Home Office, pros:

  • It’s free!
  • I can work in my pjs
  • I can do house chores during office hours, if needed
  • I can stay with my doggies during the day

The In Home Office, cons:

  • it’s hard to stay motivated when working from home
  • I become a hermit and never leave the house
  • my dogs bark at everyone who comes in the door, so no meeting with clients in my home

The Out of Home Office: pros:

  • I can have an actual store front, with a sign and everything
  • I can meet with clients without my dogs scaring everyone away
  • I can decorate my fancy new office any way I want

The Out of Home Office, cons:

  • The added expense
  • I would have to make myself leave the house to go to work… like normal people lol
  • Did I mention the added expense?

There you have it! I think it’s obvious that The In Home Office wins, especially considering it’s free 😉 I can’t wait to start planning so look for that soon!