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Snow Happens

January 25, 2011

It started snowing at 5:30 pm this evening. At 11:40 pm the snow is still going strong. Looking at my list of things to accomplish for the next week  just for nursing school alone makes me realize how badly I need a snow day. It snowed last Thursday afternoon and schools were let our early. We were at clinicals and were not let out early so this is what happened:

{iPhone pic…sorry}

Yup, that’s my car in the ditch not a minute from my house. UGH! Don’t worry, my car’s fine. I’m fine. Later I parked my car at the fire station that’s right off the highway, just in case I needed to go somewhere the next day I could walk to my car and drive on the cleared highway. They don’t clear my neighborhood even though it’s directly off the highway; waaaaayyy too steep and curvy. Friday came, school was called off but we don’t have classes on Fridays so….Something interesting did happen Saturday morning tho: a state trooper paid us a visit! Apparently he’d been driving past my “abandoned” car for a few days and just wanted to make sure I hadn’t been abducted! He got our information off of my license plate number and came knocking on our door! Really nice guy. I apologized for causing concern and he was cool with it.

Anyhoo, tomorrow would be our first real snow day. I know it’s not something I should pray for but here’s hoping I’ll be home tomorrow morning instead of at school!


  1. emmysuh says:

    The sucky thing about work is there are no snow days! Boo, it just snows and I still have to go.

    Glad you and your car are okay!

  2. Jenny says:

    Yikes, that looks scary. My car just slid about a foot yesterday when I was pulling into my driveway, and that was scary enough! I’m glad you’re okay, and I hope you got your snow day!

  3. Erin says:

    Glad you are OK!

  4. Pam says:

    I remember those good old days…And then I remember why I left the snowy state all together.

    Glad you and the car are okay!!