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Anna & Tyler

April 24, 2019

A Spring Pink Petal Engagement Session | Paducah, KY

If you’ve followed me for long, you’d know that I also host mini sessions throughout the year. Anna had booked a Christmas Tree mini session with me for herself and her then boyfriend, Tyler. I’d never worked with Anna before, nor did I know her, so I was ecstatic to hear from Tyler a few days before their mini session, telling me of his plans to PROPOSE during their mini session! He met me at the mini session location area the day before their session for the two of us to walk around and discuss and plan how when what and where. I LOVE photographing proposals, much like I love photographing couples! This one was extra special because I got to be in on the planning!!

The following afternoon, when they both showed up to their mini session, I had to pretend to have never met or even spoken with Tyler before. If you think that was hard, it was almost impossible for me to explain, without giving it away, why were were leaving the Christmas tree area for more portraits out on a dock. I don’t know whether Anna caught on or not – by the look on her face when Tyler dropped to one knee, I would assume that she was in the dark the whole time. She was even more shocked to learn that I was in on it the whole time!

As they were leaving their mini session/proposal, Anna admitted that she’d been following me and my work for years and it was a dream of her’s for me to being their wedding photographer! Tyler made sure that she got that and much more! Fast forward to a little over a month ago and we got to work together one more time before their June wedding for their mini engagement session and it was like magic all over again! In less than two weeks, she’ll be in a gorgeous dress and I’ll be swooning over their cuddly poses for a third time!