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Sarah & Reece

April 23, 2019

A Spring Courtyard and Yellow Canola Field Engagement Session | Paducah, Kentucky

Allow me to introduce Sarah & Reece, one of our October 2019 couples! And also, allow me to introduce Sarah, our new nanny! It’s crazy how life brings people together, am I right???

God brings people together when we least expect it. Have you ever had someone enter your life and thought, “wow, they are just who I needed right now.” God makes that happen! God brought Sarah & Reece together at just the right time and made it so clear to each other that they were meant to be husband and wife. And now, because of their impending marriage, God brought Sarah into our lives just at the right time.

When you pay someone money (a significant amount, no less) to do something as important as capture the most special day of your life, there should be a certain amount of trust that you put into that person. After spending 2+ hours with Sarah (Reece was there too!) during their engagement session, I felt like she would be someone I could trust with me children. I’m crazy excited to spend more time with Sarah in our home, just like I’m excited to spend time with her and Reece on their wedding day!


  1. Trudy Hayden says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. Love love the one’s in field. Sarah is precious. I have known her, her whole life. So wish my mom could see these pictures. You did a wonderful job.

  2. Elaine says:

    You both look great and so happy. The ring is so beautiful also. Congrats to both of you!