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Staci & Matt

August 28, 2017

My first wedding of the season, near the beginning of May, included a local tradition that was quite exciting to be involved in. Breese and Carlyle Illinois weddings take a long break in between the ceremony and then again part ways through the reception for the wedding party to bar hop. Yes you read that correctly! The wedding party enjoyed drinks at the Country Clue where the ceremony took place and then we “hopped” to a bar downtown near the reception hall once dinner was over, before dancing began. I’ve never encountered this before so you could say that Staci & Matt’s wedding day timeline looked very different from my typical wedding day timelines. BUT it was an awesome way to start my 2017 Wedding Season!

I’m always up for new things and while we didn’t partake in the festivities, it was so much fun capturing all the fun that was had by Staci & Matt and their wedding party – even before the bar hopping began!