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Hillary & Jim

July 18, 2019

A Summer Sunflower Field Anniversary Session in Paducah Kentucky

Hillary & Jim’s anniversary portraits were the first of all my lovely sunflower field sessions this past summer and posting their sneak peek really sparked interested in sunflower field sessions – so much so that I did over a handful of them in the weeks that followed AND prompted me to start planning for my very first SUMMER MINIS! Hint hint 😉 If you’re not already, it would be a good idea to subscribe to my email newsletter!

Moving on! Hillary & Jim were the best couple to be my guinea pigs for these sessions! First, it was for their first anniversary so they’re still 100% cuddly – which you know I love! Second, it was crazy hot and they were such troopers! If you could only have seen how literally dripping in sweat we all were by the end of the session, yet you can’t tell at all in their images! They are flawless like that! And thirdly, they are so on board with anything and everything I’ve ever asked them to do. They trust me completely and because of that, we’ve always been able to get beautiful images! I can’t rave about them enough!