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Super Bowl Menu

February 4, 2012

Today is Super Bowl Sunday! Who’s excited?! Haha.

I’m excited about the commercials and the FOOD. I’ve been pinning appetizers on pinterest for the past week since Neil and Bryan decided to have Super Bowl at Bryan and Megan’s house. They host, I cook. Here’s tonight’s menu:

– Sausage and cheese wontons. I’ve made them once before and everyone loved them.
– Meatballs. You can’t have a party with appetizers without having meatballs!
– Baked chicken nuggets. Really excited to see how these turn out.
– Corn Casserole. It’s different and yummy. At least, I think so…
– Cheesy ranch potato bake. Never made it but it’s looks tasty!
– Peanut butter cookies. Plain and simple and delish!
– Good ol chocolate brownies. For my husband. Who else?