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What I’m pinning lately

February 19, 2012

There are only a few things I can’t go a day without checking: email, Facebook, my Google reader, and Pinterest. I may not reply to every email, I may not post a single thing on Facebook, I may not comment of every blog, and I may not pin something every day. Here are a few things that I’ve pinned lately.

This is pretty much my dream kitchen. Things I love: the desk area, the layout and flow, the light cabinets with dark countertops, the glass front top cabinets, THE FARMHOUSE SINK, and the windows. Things I could do without: both the light and dark countertops and the light hardwood floors.

One of the many nurseries I’ve pinned on my nursery board. Things I love about this nursery: the striped walls, long flowy curtains, the pom-pom mobile thingy, and the rug. Things I could do without: the carpet (carpet=yuck), the colors palette, and the dark furniture.

Among many nurseries, I have many offices pinned. This one is not my all time favorite but it is the one I pinned recently. Things I love: the chair, the backless bookshelf and the floating shelves and the table lamp. Things I could do without: the flooring (because hardwood=love), the desk, and the wall decor.

I love love love finding hairdos for long hair. This is such a cute twist (no pun intended) on the classic low ponytail.

Olive Garden’s salad dressing. The best tasting salad dressing in the world. I can’t wait to try this! Especially with some homemade breadsticks!

I guess it’s the trend right now…new and different bathing facilities for your baby. This is the newest, and cutest, bathtub I’ve seen on Pinterest. It’s a big, plushy, cloth like, flower. What do you think? Would you bathe your baby in this?

Something I’m going to try soon me thinks. I can never have to many workout plans!