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Ten on Tuesday: Photo Edition!

May 17, 2011

1. Your favorite piece of furniture in your home.

The couch in the lake house. It’s SO comfortable and durable. I sit on it the majority of the day (you know I’m a photographer and a web designer right? I’m not JUST lazy…) and my body never starts to ache and the dogs lay on the couch night and day – aka it may be dirty but you can’t tell by looking!

2. Your favorite thing on your wall.

This is a pencil drawn picture of the first house I ever lived in. It was commissioned before I was born, but it hung on the wall in that house, on the wall in my parents’ house, and now it hangs on the wall in the lake house.

3. Your bed as it looks right now.

Yuck! Don’t look! Actually, I could care less if anyone saw our bed right now. I read in an article (somewhere) that making your bed after you wake up in the morning actually promotes bacterial growth. You sometimes sweat when you sleep (whether you know it or not) and by covering the fitted sheet with the flat sheet and comforter you are not promoting drying of the moisture. Moisture=bacterial growth. I’m no germaphobe but any reason to not make the bed in the morning is a good enough reason for me. Well, you know, other than the reason of laziness. The t shirt you see on the bed is Neil’s. Now he is just plain lazy. Our dirty clothes hamper in like 2 steps away. The gold bag you see is my make up bag. I’m not sure why it’s on the bed – it should be in the bathroom cabinet.

4. Your pantry.

Ah. The pantry. I don’t know how I’m going to LIVE without this beautiful room once we move into our new apartment. There’s actually a really nice sized water heater closet that might work as a pantry but it won’t be as lovely as this one. Sigh.

5. Your favorite piece of jewelry.

I thought about taking a picture of the necklace my mom bought for me while in Italy because I SO LOVE it right now but who am I kidding? My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set.

6. Your favorite book.

Ahahahahahaha hahahahahaaha!! Yea right! I only took a picture of these because they’re the only books I’ve read in months! But mainly because most our of books are packed away – including my favorite book. Remind me in a few months to show you my favorite book. It might surprise you.

7. Your most comfortable shirt.

No haters, please. I love me some UK basketball and when Victoria’s Secret started making team shirts I just HAD to have this one…along with two other UK VS shirts and two St. Louis Cardinals’ VS shirts.

8. Your messiest room.

Now this is something I would pick up before you came over to my house. I actually hate having a messy kitchen, yet it seems it’s the only room I can’t keep clean. I blame it on my husband.

9. Your house shoes.

Yea yea yea. These are your normal house slippers BUT my black Old Navy flips flops are all I wear around the house during the summer. Why my black one’s as appose to my other colors? Because no matter what I’m doing inside or outside, these never show dirt!

10. Yourself.

A few things you might want to know:

This picture was taken in the half bathroom on the first floor. It has the best lighting in the whole house. No exaggeration.

Yes, I almost always wear my hair in a side pony tail. It’s comfortable, out of my way, AND cute.

I made that shirt for when Neil’s basketball team took our high school to state for the first time since his father played. With sponge letters and purple paint I wrote “Lone Oak Flash” and painted a purple flash. On the back I sewn a cut-out strip that reads “HOUSER” and cut out the number 5 from a purple t-shirt. Yea, I’m all sorts of creative.

Due to the weight of my camera (aka, it’s a HEAVY MOTHER!) my bicep is flexed and it makes me look like a man. You know, I stopped swimming for the high school swim team after one year because I was getting man shoulders. Yes, man shoulders. And now I guess I’m going to have to quit photography because I’m getting man arms, as evidenced by this picture. That’s right, internet. You single-handedly ruined my career as a photographer.

I’m just joshing you, internet. I wouldn’t really quit photography because of man arms. I really would quit swimming competitively because of man shoulders, tho. I did once, and I’ll do it again!


  1. Stephanie says:

    Hahaha, man arms. You’re so funny. My camera causes the same arm flex- I think it’s a sign of awesome that we can HOLD a camera that large with one hand and take a decent picture. K?

    AND, that is not a messy kitchen. Like.. what are you talking about? And I really thought my little pantry was awesome until I saw yours. It’s not. 😉

  2. Leanne says:

    I love the blanket on your bed! And your purse in the kitchen 🙂 haha.

    And I agree with Stephanie… that is NOT a messy kitchen 😉 lol

  3. emmysuh says:

    I like this one, I may have to do it this evening!

  4. Pam says:

    Love this one!! My kitchen is always a mess too. I clean it and then about 20 minutes later it is a mess again. don’t feel bad.