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Things I’m Loving in May

May 15, 2013

Connect Retreat 2013 may be over but we’re already starting to plan for Connect 2014… I seriously cannot wait!!

I hardly never just sit and watch TV – I’m always editing or blogging or replying to emails while watching whatever TV show I’m addicted to at the moment. Right now, it’s Being Human. Again, thanks Netflix!

Speaking of obsessions, how about a fattening one? I love love love Five Guys Burgers and when I’m traveling I always try to find one en route.

I’ve been listening to the Twilight soundtrack here lately and it’s made me want watch all four Twilight movies, one after the other. Gonna do that as soon as I have time.

I’m still wearing primarily mint and coral colored articles of clothing and I see that continuing for a while.

This little baby – the Canon 35mm L f/1.4 – is my new toy and I seriously can’t shoot portraits without it anymore. Like, if my house were on fire, this is the first inanimate object I would grab… other than my laptop… and camera…. and Coach bag 😉

Ah, Vera Bradley. I’ve been buying it up like it’s going out of style.. and then I find out there’s a Vera Bradley Baby Collection!