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Top 5 Moments in My Life

October 19, 2011

A while ago Leanne tagged me in a cute little meme. It took a couple days to get to it and then more than a few days to actually finish it. So, in 25 years, these are the Top 5 Moments in My life so far…

5. Singing in the Paducah Symphony Children’s Chorus. I don’t remember what prompted me to audition for the chorus when I was 9 years old (most likely my mom made me) but I do remember how nervous I was waiting for that phone call and when it finally came, how excited I was that I got in. The chorus was really selective back then and children all over to city auditioned for the handful of spots that opened up each year. The chorus taught me to sing professionally and well, it rocked. I was already a “singer” by right of birth (sort of) but this was just different. It was almost like proving myself worthy to be an opera singer’s niece. Also, the chorus took my mom and I to Europe for the first time….

4. Traveling Europe. With the chorus, my mom and I toured 4 countries in 14 days and had the experience of a lifetime. Sure, the experience would be much different if I go now instead of when I was 12 but I’ll still think of that trip as the best one ever.

3.Going through nursing school. Yea, I’m not done with it yet BUT I’m proud that I pushed myself to start nursing school even though I was unsure if I really wanted to be a nurse at all. After a year I know that I would love to practice nursing but not just any nursing…most likely midwifery.

2. Starting my photography business. I’ve always had the interest but I’m not one of those photographers who was born with a camera in their tiny little baby hands. With time came the interest and with practice came the skill. It became an obsession of sorts when my nephew Kolton was born. I contribute half of it to it just being Kolt (seriously, the kid is cute) and the other half to finally realizing my passion. Of course, I’m not making a butt-load right now (and I may never…) but it’s so much more to me than just a career or a profession. I simply LOVE taking peoples’ picture.

1. Marrying my best friend. It might be a little cliche but I don’t care. We’ve been through so many major life changes together and have remained strong and are still growing strong together every day. Just like REAL best friends, we may fight sometimes, but we always make up and we’re better off than we were before. Although he does not make who I am, I seriously can not imagine my life without him in it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.