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Week 34

February 23, 2015

How Far Along: 34 weeks and 1 day

Weight Gain/Loss: Had my 34 weeks OB appointment this morning… 52 pounds gained. Although I know it’s going to be harder for me to lose the weight after Little Guy’s birth, right now I’m more worried about HIS birth weight being high. Especially since I kind of really have my heart set on a natural vaginal delivery :/

Sleep: STILL sick with a crazy bad head cold that has moved down to a lower respiratory infection. Yay. No fever, but my mucus is yellow and green. I know you wanted to know that lol. Due to the coughing fits that I have 24/7 (so forceful that I’ve thrown up a few times…) I’m not sleeping hardly at all to say the least.

Best Moment This Week: Honestly? Saturday morning was the best moment of this past week. Over night I was kept awake, due to pregnancy but more due to the cold, for 2 1/2 hours total. I was finally able to fall back asleep around 7:30 and slept till 11. And it was amazing!

Movement: About the same as last week… still active but not as active as before due to the decrease in room/womb. I still love feeing him, no matter the amount <3

Food Cravings/Aversions: No change here. I still want a margarita and I'm still eating dessert like it's my job.

What I Miss: Not being 50 pounds over my normal ideal weight. I'm so glad I'm nearing the end!!

Stretch Marks: Still none!

Belly Button: I will be REALLY surprised if it pops. It's still an in-y and it's not gotten any flatter than last time.

Mood: I think I'm doing pretty good, all things considered!

Labor Signs: I maybe, kind of, sort of think he is THINKING about dropping…? He doesn't feel as high as normal and I'm starting to pee more frequently. Also, last night I experienced the whole needles in the cervix feeling that has to do with him putting pressure on my cervix. Yay!… ?

Milestones: None lately.

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Still seeing a chiropractor… don't know if it's doing anything… I FINALLY got an appointment to see my massage therapist but it isn't for another week. I am WAY overdue!

What I look forward to: The nursery isn't done but it's at a point where if he were to come, it's ready enough. The guest bedroom is ALMOST done and therefore, I'm ready for him to get here. I know I have a few more weeks before he'll be ready but I'm wishing those weeks away!

Weekly Wisdom: If and when you get sick – like bacterial infection sick – don't be too prideful to not ask your doctor for something. I'm going on over three weeks of this head and chest cold and, as if I wasn't feeling the third trimester energy drain already, I'm definitely feeling it now! Plus, being as large as a house makes you uncomfortable naturally. Add a cold in there and you're just miserable. I finally caved today at my OB appointment and asked for something for the cough. I'm still not ready to take an antibiotic though because I don't want him exposed to that if I can help it.


  1. Stephanie Hargis says:

    I’ve had to take an antibiotic twice. It wasn’t what I wanted but the first time I waited so long because I didn’t want to take anything that I was *thisclose* to having pneumonia (and Nate DID get pneumonia). When I started to get sick a week or two ago I went to the doctor immediately and it cleared up right away. I could not have gone through that again! Miserable isn’t even the word. I hope you’ve started to feel better!