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Abby & Paul

July 27, 2013

There are just some days when the light is perfection. Photographers, you know what I’m talking about. It’s pure, creamy, heavenly. One of those days just happened to fall on Abby & Paul’s wedding day. Add some delicious details and a cute couple, wedding party, and family that just won’t quit? That, my friends, is the makings of a two part wedding blog post! Sure, I could bombard you with over 100 images all at once, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun!

I usually start every wedding day at the reception site. Everything is beautifully decorated but the best thing is that there aren’t any Uncle Jims in the background. Plus, I can control the lighting, etc.

I met Abby and everyone at the church and got to photographing the details of Abby & Paul’s wedding. It’s quite possibly my second favorite part of the whole wedding day! I love finding that natural light in the small corner of a room. I love taking my time to stage all the different elements to help me tell the story.

I moved on to photographing the guys. Check out this dapper groom, so excited to see his bride for their First Look.

The girls were getting ready in the church bathroom, which thankfully large enough for all of us to crowd in!

Now, let’s get Abby in her dress!

While the ladies finished getting ready I thought I’d see what the guys were up to. What do you know! Scoring some hoops!

Back to the girls, where Abby was ready to read her letter from her soon-to-be husband. SOOO sweet!

And then it was time for the Father-Daughter-First-Look. I love these moments!!!

But it was finally time to go to the main First Look of the day.

It was my opinion then and it still stands today – I could have spent HOURS photographing Abby & Paul’s portraits! But alas, the show day must go on! We stayed at the park and moved to, now, one of my favorite places for portraits EVER. The light! GAH! Well, take a look for yourself…

Now, tell me these dudes aren’t awesome! I dare you! They are seriously ROCKIN’ the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” bit!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Here ya go:

Now those fella’s are just being silly >.<

OMGoodness the cuteness that is this little flowergirl, which also happens to be the bride’s little sister. I DIE.

Such a touching moment here – when the girls and mom prayed over the bride right before the ceremony.

Show time! One of Abby’s little brothers carried the sign below while her older brother stood with their pastor and her husband-to-be at the alter.

Oooh la la!!

And they’re married!

This hot piece was waiting for Abby & Paul to take them to the reception. How cool?!

BUT! Before the reception, we took a few shots in the gorgeous golden hour light

At the reception, they had an entire table full of delicious pies and cakes…soooooo yummy!

Such a precious first dance followed by equally precious father/daughter and mother/son dances

Emotional toasts? Sure I’ll take ’em! Here, Abby’s younger sister is blessing us with kind words of both her sister and her new brother-in-law. Not a dry eye, I tell you.

Ceremony Venue | First Baptist Church of Metropolis
Reception Venue | Metropolis Community Center
Bride’s Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dress | David’s Bridal
Tux Rental | Kathleen’s Bridal
Florist | Grandmother of the bride
Caterer | Fazoli’s
Cake Designer | Heather R.
DJ | Josh Fowler
Invitations, etc | Vistaprint


  1. Catherine Cole says:

    I love the picture of the rings laid out on top of the bible verse, and I love the silly ones of the whole wedding party where they are making faces and where the girls have the guys’ jackets and the guys have the girls’ flowers 😉 Love it all!