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Kayla & Cameron

August 14, 2018

A Classic Carson Center Downtown Paducah Wedding

Details beyond details! Kayla & Cameron’s wedding was full of details and it made this detail obsessed photographer verrrrrry happy! Heavy detailed weddings are not as common as I wish they were but I’m honestly happy to photograph whatever is present at a wedding because I’m fully aware that a wedding day is not about what the bride and groom are wearing or how the reception area is decorated. But when a couple goes all out with their vision and they have an awesome wedding team to implement it well, I go all out with photographing it! What I’ve included here in this blog post is literally half of what I took… One day I’ll post of blog of all my favorite details from weddings (maybe the end of this year). So yea, all that to say, I LOVED Kayla & Cameron’s details but I love them more!

And it was easy to see that they are so so loved by their family and friends! So many were in happy attendance on their day and everyone had a blast being there! Neil and I almost always have a great time at weddings but the energy from everyone from start to finish on that day was contagious and we left not really wanting to leave!

While this wedding was a visual dream, it was also so heartfelt and endearing. Their officiant did an amazing job sharing about their relationship and their love for one another. They are the sweetest duo. Neil and I felt so honored that we were the ones who had the opportunity to capture their day for their family and friends to remember forever!! Enjoy some of my favorite images that tell a visual story of their day!!