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Madison & Seth

May 15, 2019

A Country Private Residence Engagement Session | Marion, KY

My mother and I are super close. We talk on the phone multiple times a day and it’s not uncommon for us to see each other multiple times a week for different reasons (mostly because she wants to see her grandchildren). But we’ve always been this close – she practically planned our entire wedding 12-13 years ago!

Unbeknownst to Madison or her mom, they each emailed me individually to inquire about me shooting Madison & Seth’s Fall 2019 wedding. In fact, it was Madison’s mom who I first heard from so when replying to Madison’s email, I had to tell her how funny and perfect I found it. I have a feeling if I were getting married in this day and age, that my mom and I would have picked the same photographer and we would have both taken it upon ourselves and done what Madison and her mom did!

When it came time to plan their engagement session, both Madison & Seth thought about the place where they both spend a lot of time with Madison’s family – the place where Seth proposed to Madison a few months prior – Madison’s dad’s family cabin in Marion KY. I followed them out to in the middle of nowhere…. almost literally because I didn’t have cell service! But it was worth it once I arrived! So much foliage. So secluded. So many different spots. So perfect and personal for Madison & Seth!