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Baby Lynley

May 16, 2019

A 29 Weeker NICU Success Story, Baptist Health, Paducah, KY

This is a success story! When Kortney’s water broke at 28 weeks gestation, no one knew how much further bedrest would take Kortney and Baby Lynley into pregnancy. Kortney was immediately put on not just bedrest, but hospital bedrest. Not fun. Yet we all still prayed and hoped that Lynley would stay put for weeks.

The morning of Lynley’s birth was a wait wait wait and go situation. In fact, we were in such a holding or waiting period that no one expected her birth to happen that day. They were so confident in that assumption, that Kortney approved me driving down to Nashville for a newborn session with another client. I double, triple checked before I left town and at that point, Lynley was fine, everything looked fine. That changed about an hour and a half after I’d left Paducah and it happened so quickly that even the OB told me via text that she could not wait 10 more minutes. Baby Lynley needed to be born. Regardless, I turned my car around 30 minutes from Nashville and headed back home in hopes that I would at least get to photograph Kortney & Harrison seeing Lynley for the first time.

Baby Lynley was born via emergency Caesarean delivery and I did in fact get to be there and capture Kortney’s first ever viewing of Baby Lynley! It was so special, in a way that I imagined it would be but multiple times 100! So so special!

After a few days of conquering an infection, Lynley was finally well enough to be held by her mama and daddy and I was able to be there to document it. It was another sweet sweet moment. You can literally see the relief and satisfaction on Kortney’s face!

After 50 days in the NICU, Lynley was ready to “room in” with Kortney at the hospital. We did a Fresh Baby session for them, which is typically done within 48 hours of birth, at 50 days old. It’s crazy to look at these pictures and see a baby who looks 48 hours hold and not 50 days old!

Finally! Baby Lynley visited the studio at 9 weeks old for her newborn session! To give you a comparison idea, newborn sessions are usually shot between 5 and 14 days old! This was such a huge milestone for Baby Lynley and her sweet family!


  1. Shelby Hawes says:

    This is so perfect!!!!