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February Bucket List

February 1, 2011

1. Lose 5 pounds. Last month was not successful. At all.  I didn’t run much and I didn’t attend one zumba class. This month I’d like to run at least every other night and zumba at least once a week. I think this is more reasonable.

2. Replenish our savings account. After spending all of our savings (we didn’t have much to begin with…) on our car insurance premium for the next six months, we need to start building our savings back up.

3. Update my passport. This is an item from my Mission 101/1001 list and by golly, it’s something I need to do whether I’m planning a overseas trip or not! My old passport expired almost 10 years ago and it says I was born in 1985….. which…… is wrong.

4. Participate in the 30 for 30 Challenge: Winter 2011 Edition. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Head over to Kendi’s to read all about it! Tonight I will post Day 1!

5. Attend Sunday School and church every Sunday. All except the first Sunday of February because I’ll be in Lexington with Emily visiting Kalen and Steph!


  1. Pam says:

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!