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January Bucket List: the finish line

January 31, 2011

Let’s see how much I accomplished this month!

1. Lose 5 pounds. FAIL! I lost 1 pound this month. One. To be honest, I didn’t work out hardly at all. Just couldn’t find the time to with school going full steam ahead.

2. Make a New Years Resolution list for 2011. Check!

3. Make A’s on my first nursing exams. FAIL! Who was I kidding?! I made a B on each and to my knowledge no one else made A’s either.

4. Blog at least every other day. FAIL! Man, I’m on a roll aren’t I? Yet again, I don’t have the time to blog every other day. Sorry.

5. Pay off our last credit card. FAIL! But this will be taken care of in T minus 3 days! Financial Aid is the best, isn’t it?

So let’s review: I only accomplished ONE goal out of 5 for this month. Really pathetic. Either I’ll try harder next month OR I’ll be more realistic with February’s Bucket List. I’m gonna go with a mixture of both. See you in February!


  1. emmysuh says:

    Also consider just setting sorta of similar goals or lifestyle changes each month. Don’t say, I’m going to lose 5 lbs. but say, I am going to make an effort to have less soda and more veggies. I may still HAVE soda from time to time but I’m going to really commit to trying harder not to have any, or as much. Do your goals in smaller, more attainable, day to day steps.

    I usually try and have the same goals each week/month — eat better, move more, save more, and then allow myself room for fun. It’s much easier to achieve but still making progress.

    But whatever you decide to do, good luck.

  2. steph anne says:

    Haha, wish I could say I paid off our credit cards this month but that hasn’t happened for us yet.

  3. Erica says:

    it’s only Jan. maybe you will do better next month.
    ps. I tagged you >> http://wastemytime.ca/2011/01/31/7-things-about-me/

  4. Pam says:

    It’s okay, we are still at the beginning of the year. You can rock it next month.