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Abbey & Colby

May 21, 2019

A Floral Filled Backyard Wedding | Calvert City, KY

I’m quiet used to knowing my way around most churches and venues in our area due to having photographed a wedding or two there before but having the honor and pleasure of visiting the Farris’ home a second time around, for a second wedding – that is a different feeling. Abbey’s mother welcomed me as soon as I stepped into the open side door and instead of needing led to the location of where Abbey and her bridesmaids were getting ready, I knew exactly where I was going. Before heading upstairs to the bonus room, I pointed Neil toward the door that led to the basement – where Colby and his groomsmen would be getting ready later in the day. Other than those first two rooms, I wanted everything else to be completely different for Abbey’s wedding. I didn’t want to revisit anything that I’d already done for her older sister Taylor’s wedding back in the fall of 2017. I wanted the two sisters to feel the exact same way with their experience with me, while also feeling special with the images they receive. No two weddings are the same, no matter the similarities.

Abbey & Colby’s ceremony was positioned in the center of the far backyard, with the pond behind the alter area. They knew exactly what they were doing because the light was perfect for the bridal party AND the guests (a sometimes difficult thing to accomplish with outdoor ceremonies) during the entire wedding ceremony. Not one person had glaring sunlight in their eyes! And because they did a first look, Abbey & Colby had almost double the amount of bride and groom portraits – and in different lighting situations and therefore, different locations on her family’s property! I was in heaven!!!

The night continued in two large tents in the backyard that were decorated in the most gorgeous greenery and floral arrangements that I could have ever imagined gracing the tables! While the attention to detail and the beautiful decor were enough for sure, nothing overshadowed Abbey & Colby and how obviously happy they both were to be sharing this day with their friends and family! I think I teared up at least two times, once while watching Colby’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time that day. Abbey had warned me that she personally isn’t a very openly emotional person, and thought she tried to hide it, I saw her excitement during their first look as well. She couldn’t have fooled anyone in those moments.


  1. Benjie Dunbar says:

    An awesome day and an awesome couple. Congratulations to you both!!

  2. Patti Myers says:

    These pictures are beautiful. You so perfectly captured their love for each other and this very special event. As eloquently written as your description was of the wedding and the reception, pictures are truly worth a thousand words.