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Georgia is 2 years old!

January 31, 2020

How can it be? Our first daughter, our second and also last baby, turns two today (at precisely 1:36pm)!

Ive been planning her birthday party (that’s tomorrow) for almost two months at this point so I can’t say that this day snuck up on me. In fact, it feels like January lasted 2-3 times as long as it should have. But somehow, the need to photograph her portraits in the studio was here before I knew it. And now, as I write this the night before it is to be published, I’m finding myself rushed to do so.

Georgia was just born yesterday, right? It surely wasn’t more than just last week! How is it already January 31st, 2020? How is she already two years old?! When I think about it, it doesn’t seem like she’s really been here with us that long. However I look at her and her pictures I’ve taken of her over the last two years and it’s so very plain to see – she’s no longer a baby!

She’s a strong and gorgeous girl with the mental will to match her physicalities. She’s so so smart, already speaking in 3-4 word sentences, can answer questions and follow full sentence commands. She obeys for the most part but already her 2 year old-ness is showing through. She’s full of personality, smiles, laughs, mischief, song and dance, more laughs, and a big love for her family and friends.

She’s small – 23 pounds at most but of average height so picking clothing sizes is not an easy task. But she doesn’t let her size keep her from engaging in almost everything her brother does. She’s a brave one and is constantly keeping us on our toes. She loves books and loves us reading to her. She can be found looking page to page of her favorite books that she’s likely memorized in her head after having us read them to her time and again. She plays so well by herself and with her brother, when he lets her. She loves to sing and dance, especially to Disney songs. Frozen I and II are by far her very favorite and she has most of their songs memorized and sings along as best she can when they play in our car – which is 90% of the time she’s in the car with us… she demands it! lol

She still clings to me as her favorite person but she has opened herself up to others within the last year so leaving her isn’t as hard as it once was. And as always, she adores her brother something fierce. She plays so well with other children, her best friend being the younger sister of Graeme’s best friend. But really she’s play happily with anyone willing to play with her. I can’t wait until to see her play more, to grow more, and I can’t wait to love her more! Sweet angel baby, happy birthday!