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The Birth of Olivia

February 3, 2020

A Baptist Health Paducah C-Section Birth

It’s sad to think I’ll never photograph another birth of the Tucker sisters! The very first birth I’ve ever photographed was Kortney’s oldest sister, Kelly’s birth with Khloe. Then came Kortney’s first, Teagan and her second, Lynley. Four months ago we welcomed Keisha’s second, Blair.

And if everything goes according to plan for the Tucker sisters, Baby Olivia’s birth will be the last. But it was a sweet sweet day for everyone because Olivia, while not planned, was definitely prayed for. Biggest sister Teagan is the perfect age to help cuddle a newborn and Big Sister Lynley will grow up with an Irish twin! And I can’t help but love the serendipity that Baby Olivia’s birth made mama Kortney, who is the third daughter of her family, now a mama of three daughters!

Baby Olivia’s birth was a schedule c section due to the emergency c section that Kortney needed in order to bring Lynley into this world safely not even a year before. The surgery that brought Baby Olivia earth-side itself went smoothly but then it was noticed that Kortney’s uterus had developed what’s called a true uterine window, which could have been extremely dangerous for both Kortney and Olivia had that window ruptured during labor. We’re all thankful that labor never started for Kortney!