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Georgia is One Year Old!

January 31, 2019

Georgia’s 12 month portraits and Birthday Party

How do you write a blog post for a one year old to celebrate her birthday? To say that she’s the light of our life… That she completes our family in more ways that I’m sure we’ll never really know. Bay girl, you’re more than I expected but everything I’ve ever wanted and never knew I needed!

She’s not yet walking but she’s so so close! She’s babbling and saying a handful of words but definitely isn’t talking as much as Graeme was at her age. I think that’s a second/third/whatever child thing tho – Graeme talks a lot and talks a lot for her. We understand this tho so we’re not comparing her to him. If we were, we’d have to also include how brave or fearless she is compared to even Graeme when he was 2! She climbs everything! And well too! She loves going down small slides by herself and she’s physically capable so we let her…. while standing super close and holding a hand out to catch her.

She loves her mama something fierce and still nurses 3-4 times a day. She’s been night weaned since 10 months tho and still rocking the 12+ hours of sleep every night. She’s already showing signs that she’s ready to transition from 2 naps to 1 but I’m going to give her a few more weeks to test and make sure. She’s our cuddly baby and likes to be held but plays very well on her own or with her brother…. when he lets her. She smiles allllll the time! And laughs at almost anything! I cannot wait to watch her grow and share in that special mother-daughter relationship that I pray we have!

First off, Georgia’s milk bath is the first milk bath that I did in the new studio! Her portraits of course had to include her brother in a few. Of course! And lastly, her birthday party pics where I did literally 80% of all the decor and baking, etc and I’m super happy with how it turned out. Plus, we hosted it in our home!

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