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Georgia’s Newborn Portraits

February 15, 2018

Studio Newborn Portraits and Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Portraits in Paducah KY

I have a few sweet photographer friends in my area that I’ve connected with and have become friends with outside of photography – and I love that! And because I’m a photographer and I’m rarely in front of the camera (I’m working on getting better at that!),  I decided I wanted another (or two!) photographer to document newborn portraits instead of waiting on myself to get around to doing it in my studio. I also knew I wanted both studio portraits AND lifestyle portraits in our home for Georgia’s newborn portraits. I love the women that took these images and I love these sessions both equally, just for different reasons. The only thing I don’t love is that there is a pretty big difference in editing styles but I’m only mentioning it here to remind my readers that the reason for that is because they are two different photographers.

Our first session was with April Shoulta in her studio she had back in the day. I love the images from this session because they’re so clear and clean and white (my style!)! Also, April, like me, does the natural posing with newborns which I think looks so so pure and perfect. There are definitely more than what I’ve included below but here are my favorites:

The next day, we had Carrie Cunningham come to our house for a lifestyle newborn session in our beloved home that we renovated. This house is a work of labor and love (and a lot of money and time) and since we had her photograph us in our house not two months before for our maternity portraits, and I love the feel of those images so much, I knew I had to have that again for Georgia’s newborn portraits. Our maternity portraits and these portraits are so awesome to look back on obviously to see how our family is growing but also to see the on going transformation of our house. Also our puppies are in a few!! Again, I’m not sharing every single image from that session… here are my favorites: