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Graeme is 2 months old!

June 8, 2015


My baby boy is already 2 months old! How is it already June??

This past month held a ton of growth for our little family of three. Graeme, of course is doing the physical growing… little guy is getting so big! He’s still above 90% for length!

We’re still on a feeding schedule of every 3 hours (from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next) but now, sometimes he naps directly after nursing, sometimes he is awake and then naps, and other times he stays awake the whole time! Since you can’t really make an awake baby sleep and you can’t make a sleepy baby stay awake, I’ve been letting him tell me (via “sleepy cues”) when he’s ready for a nap. He slept so much up until 2 months old that now when he’s awake, I let him stay awake. Plus, that’s when we get all the wonderful smiley faces, cooing, and “talking”! We’ll do just about anything to get him to smile!

He still fusses during the day when he’s really sleepy. It’s interesting how sometimes he falls asleep on his own just fine, while other times he fights it so hard. He also still likes to be held during naps, and for the most part I hold him, but that’s about the change. Mommy has work to get done and she can’t edit images and blog while holding a baby. Today, actually, I’m starting to orientate him to napping in his crib. Wish me luck!

He holds his head up pretty well when he’s not sleepy, but still only tolerates tummy time for a few minutes at a time. Awake time usually consists of sitting his in bouncy seat/glider, playing on his music mat, walking around outside, stroller rides, and sitting with daddy and “talking”. Sometimes, when the TV is on, he’ll become interested in the changing colors and lights on the TV so he’ll “watch” tv for a bit. Of course, when an infant, nothing lasts too long. Something that thankfully didn’t last long – screaming during lotion time! We took a break from using lotion after bath time for several weeks and then last week I decided to give it another shot – now he doesn’t seem to mind at all!

Most note worth thing is the fact that for over a week now, he’s been sleeping from 10:30/11pm until a little before 5am, waking up to eat, and then going back to sleep until 7:30/8am. It has been so lovely to sleep for a 5 hour stretch at night! Swaddling works, y’all! I’m crossing my fingers that it continues!

There are a few things he use to do that I miss. For example, he no longer calms down just from sucking on my pinky finger. It was a sure fire way of soothing him. I still can’t get him to take a pacifier either. His music play mat no longer entertains him as long as it use to. Car rides use to put him to sleep… now he’s too occupied by looking out the window. In fact, when he’s sleepy, being in the car makes him mad.

Last Monday he had his 2 month shots: 2 shots in the right thigh, 1 shot in the left. He cried like every baby does initially when it happened, I attempted to nurse him right away, and after about 15 seconds of full on crying he accepted and calmed down. Ten minutes later we were in the car, on our way home, with a smiley baby! He acted completely normal until after his nap. He awoke around 5pm to nurse screaming bloody murder. It was the same type of cry/scream that he’d made a few weeks before when we lost control of his head and he head butted his nose into Neil’s clavicle (collar bone). Only this time the cry/scream went on for 20 minutes and there was nothing I could do to calm him. He just screamed and screamed and LORD Neil and I thought we were going to have to take him to the ER. Even attempting to nurse him failed! After texting with my doctor best friend and my nurse practitioner sister-in-law, we gave him some Infant Tylenol and I was finally able to nurse him. We conked out for about 30 minutes and when he woke up, he was his happy self again! I gave him a dose of Tylenol every 4 hours for 24 hours and all was good in the world. I had been told that usually Tylenol wasn’t necessary for the first set of shots and that nursing more often should be enough to comfort him. NOT true for our little guy. Now, mommy knows better and I’m not going to let that happen again!


  1. Becca Sanborn says:

    The first set of shots were by far the worst for Evie so far. We now have to hold her for her shots because she knows the paper used to cover the patient bench means shots (and therefore pain)!