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It’s a BOY!

November 3, 2014


Yup, you guessed it – It’s a BOY!

Neil and I found out, the first time, with our OB doctor who claimed she wasn’t 100% that it was a boy so we’d better come back when the ultrasound tech can perform the gender ultrasound a week or so later. You see, sometimes the umbilical cord can loop down toward the genitalia and make it LOOK like little boy parts, hiding little girl parts. We left that almost 15 weeks appointment and immediately called both of our parents to tell them, but warned them not to get too comfortable with it being a BOY. We returned for a second gender ultrasound the day after I turned 16 weeks (October 20th) and the ultrasound tech confirmed that it was still a BOY! Again, we called our parents to update them but with a different warning this time – we weren’t telling anyone else… at least not yet.

Neil and I had always planned on finding out together, alone, during the gender ultrasound. We wanted it to be an exciting but low key affair – just me and him – and we don’t regret that decision at all. However, then there was the decision of IF we tell other people and IF we did, WHEN. I wanted help from at least my momma with the nursery (and I tell my mom and dad EVERYTHING) so that was decided – we’d tell our parents. I had discussed not telling people until our baby boy was here with a few friends… one friend said that I had to tell her, one friend was cool with it, and one find was against it. But Neil. Neil was against it, but only because he was afraid he’d let it slip. Then he reminded me that I was already calling it a HIM and that I’d probably slip up as well. No matter how cool I thought it’d be to have everyone find out after he’s born, I knew he was right. OK, fine, we’ll tell people.

Our family and closest friends already know, so here’s a gift to my husband on his birthday (which is today!!!) – the official gender announcement! I admit – it is pretty exciting to announce to the world on my man’s 28th birthday that he’s going to have a little boy! Happy birthday baby!


  1. Stephanie Click says:

    Baby boys LOVE their momma’s … 🙂

  2. Ryan N Leslie Moffat says:

    So exciting!!! Little boys are the best!

  3. Ryan N Leslie Moffat says:

    So exciting!!! Little boys are the best! (Happy birthday Neil!)

  4. Helise Fish Brugger says:

    Little boys are awesome…they love and protect their mommas! They are great snugglers!

  5. Ellen Theofanopoulos Hedges says:

    Happy Birthday, Neil!
    A little boy is perfect!!!
    Congratulations I am so excited!!!