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Whitney & Adam

November 4, 2014

Nashville-Tennessee-wedding-photographer-rachael-houser_0025A Nashville Tennessee Wedding

This past Saturday was the last of our family weddings for the year – three total! These past two years – through engagement sessions and wedding – I’ve grown really close to Neil’s Nashville family and it makes me sad to think I won’t be seeing them all again soon. I guess we’ll just have to plan for a reunion because I don’t think I can wait till the next in line to be married gets married! That’s YEARS away!

Whitney & Adam’s wedding day was a brisk one and thank goodness it took place indoors! The Eastland Baptist Church in East Nashville is the church Whitney’s parents were married and where Whitney’s mom’s parents were married! I love that they chose to keep the tradition going! It was fun to think that Whitney was getting her dress on in the very same room that her grandmother got in her dress years ago…. how sweet!


The first look with her dad! Brought tears to everyones’ eyes!!


And finally, the first look with her groom! What a neat switch up! Adam approached Whitney and brought her bouquet to her!


Because theirs was an afternoon wedding, the reception ended and the guests left before sunset! We saved Whitney & Adam’s portraits for after it was all said and done, which made so much sense! We weren’t rushed and we had beautiful light! So thankful for my couples who grin and bare it out in the cold!


This house was across a side street from the church and was the only fall foliage we could find in the immediate area. And the owners were home! Thank goodness they either didn’t see us shooting in their front yard OR didn’t care. We stole just a few minutes for some of the prettiest images of the day!



  1. Karen McLeod Hinson says:

    So beautiful Rachael! Thank you so much. I love them!

  2. Patsy Moore Huddleston says:

    Beautiful…so glad we could share in this joyous occasion.

  3. Hannah Howell says:

    so beautiful!!!! Such a sweet couple! I’m so happy for you guys! Whitney, you are so beautiful!

  4. Eric S. Hinson says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! I was honored to be able to officiate my niece’s wedding. Best wishes to Adam & Whitney Harper!

  5. Judy Briley-Henry says:


  6. Desha Larkin Hearn says:

    Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.

  7. Melanie Johnson Kenney says:

    Love these pics! A great day!