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It’s still raining

May 2, 2011

This afternoon’s level was at 371.8, however these pictures were taken this morning:

The boat on the left is our boat and the boat on the right is a friend’s boat. As of yesterday morning, they were flooded in so they packed up for a few days, road their boat across the bay to our ….yard…. and drove their SUV (which they parked there the night before in preparation) out of the area. As of right now we are not flooded in but the two main routes we would take to get out of the area are closed due to flooding so instead of taking 10 minutes to get to town or the interstate, it now takes 25 minutes.

As I write this, I’m watching the local news, who just mentioned that the river level is at 52.7 ft at is expected to crest at 58 ft on May 6th. Thankfully, my family spent all day evacuating my brother and his family from their home in Livingston Co, where the river levee will “break” sometime tonight. I hate that I had to stay home and “study” (ha!) and I hate that I’ll be “studying” until Thursday, but after ward I fully plan on exploring this area, Livingston Co, and Paducah while taking plenty of pictures to share. Until then, I can only share with you the pictures I take from my back porch.

{our wood pile, Friday afternoon}

{our wood pile, this morning}

{the railing on the dock step’s platform, Saturday morning}

{the railing on the dock step’s platform, this morning}

It is 5:30PM and the tops of the railing that are still visible in the picture above are now completely covered. The “Boundary” sign on the left side of the tree, this morning, read “Bound”. Now it reads “B”.  I hope that we continue to stay safe and I pray that those who have had to evacuated their homes are able to return soon and that the damage is as minimal as possible. After finals and before my summer class starts, I plan to help in any way I can. Pray for our area please. Apparently, the worst has yet to come.


  1. Erin says:

    Eek! It looks like you pay need to sandbag around the lakehouse dear!

  2. Erica says:

    oh my gosh! stay safe hun! I would be scared if the water gets any closer.