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June Snapshot

June 4, 2013

I know I said this last month but really? It’s June already?! I’ve been in the office pretty much every day and the time has just flown by! We finished(ish) our bathroom renovation… finally! OK well, we do have a few things left to do. The two windows in the master bathroom need frames, the master bathroom door needs painting, both bathrooms need baseboards and crown molding, paint touch ups need to be made in both bathrooms, AND both bathrooms need stuff on the walls. It might look like a lot, and it is, but compared to what we’ve already done, it’s nothing. Can you tell I’m soooo ready to get this over with? Because I am but I’m so also so proud. Building something from scratch is hard but kind of awesome too.

Anyway! So this is what’s going on in June: 2 engagement sessions and 3 weddings. This month will definitely not be as busy as last month but that’s good because it means more time for the “business” and the re branding that I’m planning.

A couple personal goals for this month:
– Continue exercising… there’s a certain Destin trip in July that I need to prep for 😉
– Spend time at the lake… for no other reason other than it’s summer!