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Ashley & Brittany

October 30, 2013

Brittany & Ashley, what a couple! I relate to this couple because Neil and I also married when we were 20 and 21 years of age. I truly believe in finding love at any age but when a lovely couple who has the support of their families to marry young come to me to photograph the happiest day of their lives, it makes my heart smile.

The day started off quite messy…. the weather, that is! When we arrived at the ceremony and reception site to photograph decorations, etc, it had just finished pouring down rain and the wind was picking back up again. By the time we got to where the whole gang was getting ready the clouds had started to move out and the sun was peeking through. Praise God! When it was show time the sun had dried up all the rain (recognize that from anywhere?) and it was a beautiful day.

Brittany wrote the sweetest letter to Ashley… I just love it when couples do this for one another.


Brittany picked her girls out different colored dresses and I have to say, they were so beautiful!


But nothing compared to her dress…. wow!


And finally, the gorgeous bride!


Brittany’s mother and sister (and best friend) helped her into her dress


Meanwhile, the boys were getting ready…. I’ve never watched a man do his hair before, mainly because Neil’s is buzzed so he doesn’t have t fix it, but it was fascinating 😉


The handsome groom… Ashley, you stud!


Brittany was simply glowing! I could have spent hours just on her bridals!


On the way to the ceremony! I had no idea limo rides could be so fun!


Brittany’s face as we were pulling up… love it!!


Finally seeing each other. Ashley’s face really does say it all!




Brittany & Ashley’s first dance! Even though the mayflies were slightly determined to gross us all out (they pretty much attacked us all) (see black things), this moment was nothing but beautiful!


Followed by the very emotional father/daughter and very sweet mother/son dances…


Brittany surprised her best friend and sister with the father/daughter dance she never got to have on her own wedding day. I seriously have never seen a more show of sisterly love!


Right before they left, Brittany changed into her going away dress, a dress fashioned out of her mother’s wedding gown. Seriously? It was heaven!


Off to the honeymoon!



  1. Brittany Heppe says:

    Wow not only are u the best photographer, but you are also an incredibly talented blogger. What a beautiful summary of the most beautiful day of my life. Your the best