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November Snapshot

November 1, 2013

It’s been month, MONTHS, since I’ve written a snapshot post. I turned my computer on this morning and BAM, the date NOVEMEBER 1ST, 2013 is staring at me. I look back at my past monthly snapshots so I know I say this pretty much every month but how is it already November?!? Where has this year gone? According to my mom, time only gains speed the older you get. If that’s true then in that sense, I kind of miss the old days.

I 100% intend on writing about what all I’ve been up to for the past two months (oy!) but that is another post(s) for another day(s). November is FULL of extremely exciting and FUN times to be had! Are you ready, because I know I SO am!

– 5 engagement sessions, two of which I have to travel for!
– 3 family sessions
– 2 senior sessions
– 2 mentoring sessions (more on that soon!)
– and 1 photography workshop that I leave for on Monday!!! I’m crazy stoked for this and I seriously cannot wait to come back here and blog ALL about it. Be prepared 😉

– My husband’s birthday! Neil’s turning 27 years old and he’ll finally get to join his wife in the “late 20’s” age group :/
– My mom and I are steadily gearing up to bike a long distance ride, possibly planning one for Europe in the spring!
– and a trip to San Diego with our best friends! Neither Neil or I have been west of Texas so going all the way to California is a big deal! Never mind that I’ve been all over Europe 😉

Even though I have a whole month off from shooting weddings, I am going to be a crazy busy bee – preparing many NEW things for 2014!


  1. Amanda Truth says:

    Lady!! Do you ever slow down?? My goodness November is going to be busy for you!! But I can’t wait to read all about it, and, of COURSE, see all the gorgeous images you’ll produce!!