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Hannah & James

May 20, 2014

One of three of Neil’s cousins who are getting married this year got married this past Saturday! Hannah & James’ wedding is going on my favorites list for sure! The whole thing went down at James’ parents’ home in Lebanon TN – ceremony in the front yard, reception in the back and everyone got ready inside! It wasn’t hot out and there was a breeze in the air. The clouds allowed us just the right amount of sun and family was all around. Oh, and Hanna married her best friend! It could not have been a better day!

Neil and I actually arrived a tad early so while I grabbed some details shots, Neil lent a helping hand to his cousin, Hannah’s mom. I tell everyone I bring him for the heavy lifting but he does much more than that! For example, he lit all the candles right before the ceremony and reception started! So proud of my man! 😉

Hannah’s dress might be the prettiest dress I’ve had the honor to photograph, to date. And it fit her like a glove!


Her veil also wins the prettiest I’ve ever photographed prize. It was the loveliest shade of vintage! On her right hand, Hannah wore her late grandmother’s wedding set!


I would love to tell you that the little flower girl hung out up stairs with me for so long because she liked my company. But really it was because the old family dog, Maggie Moo, was guarding/sleeping on the stairs. It took an act of bravery on Neil’s part to get her over the vicious animal and down the stairs to safety. Please note the HUGE amount of sarcasm in my tone here. That dog was practically dead to the world, even with everything going on around her! She did greet me with a kiss on the nose tho!


While dressing Hannah, her sister Kayla (who’s next in the family to get married!!) just couldn’t hold back her tears. There was no shortage of tearing up throughout the day… and I was one of the sappier ones!


This image. My favorite of these two ever.


Hannah, you’re radiant! Girl, I could have photographed you all day long!


First look time! We snuck the two love birds down to the lake away from the bustle of preparations going on around the house.


You won’t find a more genuine smile on this groom!


Family time/family portraits back at the house. Both families were so much fun to work with!


James is a big Marvel fan so it wouldn’t be his wedding if there weren’t hints of Marvel every where you turn… even the boutonnières were made from comic book pages!


Of course they wrote their own vows! This wedding wouldn’t be complete without them!




What an awesome idea! Because their guest list was on the shorter side, why not have a big group picture!


True to his form, Hannah’s Pawpaw, Neil’s Great Uncle Tom, cut into the father daughter dance to dance with his grand daughter. Even at 90 years old he’s still a great dancer!


Best night ever, you guys!


Ceremony Venue | Groom’s parents’ house
Reception Venue | Groom’s parents’ house
Bridal Gown | Casablanca, The White Room
Bridesmaids Dresses | Dressfan
Stationary | Invitations by David’s Bridal
Florist | Fresh by CarryAnn
Hair Stylist | Leesha at Stylemasters
Makeup Artist | Jenny Burnley, Bride’s cousin
Caterer | Michael’s Cafe
Cake Artist | Sweet n Sassy
Rentals | Liberty Party Rentals
DJ | CJ the DJ


  1. Mary Lou Siegfried says:

    I think the pictures are absolutely beautiful, and the star: Hannah, is even more beautiful! What a special day! Much love to both for a wonderful life together…