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Along side my husband of over a decade, I photograph people in love with each other and in love with their lives. We're based in Paducah Kentucky but gladly will go anywhere you want to take us! We are so glad you've stopped by to follow our most recent adventures! Grab your favorite drink and snack and get cozy... there's plenty to see!

March Butcket List: the finish line!

March 31, 2011

1. Lose 5 pounds. I sure did! I’m now down to 130 lbs 🙂

2.Replenish our savings account. I did, and then it got spent again. I blame it on neither I nor Neil having a real full time job. We still have bills to pay…

3. Apply for a summer nurse externship. Applied a few weeks ago, interviewed for it yesterday! I hope to hear something next week.

4. Go through spring/summer wardrobe and revamp! Done and done! I went through my wardrobe at the beginning of the month, took unwanted clothes to consignment, and did a little shopping in Louisville.

5. Fix dinner at least two nights a week. Sadly, nope. I’ve cooked maybe 5 times the entire month. Pathetic? Yes. When I’m not busy with school, Neil is working. The other night I decided to cook just for myself, something that Neil doesn’t like but I love, and in the middle of cooking I had a vertigo episode and had to lie down from an hour or more. Needless to say, my dinner was ruined. At the onset, I didn’t even have time to turn the burner off. Once I woke up and saw my “dinner” I practically threw a fit. And then threw the same fit again when I told Neil (who was at work during the whole thing) about it. I can’t say that I’ll do better next month because I know that I’m going to be even busier, but at least I try.


  1. Tamela says:

    Those pounds you are losing I think are finding me!! Not cool! haha j/k But seriously I need to get my butt back in the gym.