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Along side my husband of over a decade, I photograph people in love with each other and in love with their lives. We're based in Paducah Kentucky but gladly will go anywhere you want to take us! We are so glad you've stopped by to follow our most recent adventures! Grab your favorite drink and snack and get cozy... there's plenty to see!

Miss Kortney Lane, A Western Kentucky Fashion Blogger

May 16, 2014

I am so thrilled to introduce you guys to an up-and-comer in the fashion blogging world – Miss Kortney Lane!

She also happens to be my sister-in-law’s sister, which makes her family, which makes me more than excited that she’s stepping into a world very similar to the photography… and I get to help her make her dream a reality!

My business and I are only where we (can I say “we”?) are today because I had and have people around who are very supportive of my passion-turned-into-profession. And I love to see other succeed in any form of the arts because in our area of the world (i.e.: Western Kentucky), true artists not very prevalent. There are a ton of people who post their outfit of the day (#ootd) on Instagram and call themselves “fashion bloggers”, just like there are those out there who purchase a DSLR and the very same day advertise themselves on Facebook to shoot other people’s weddings. But that’s a whole other blog post 😉

Of course, I do follow Kortney’s Instagram but more than just that, I see her in person all the time – I know she has style even when she’s not posing in pictures! So when she mentioned that she is interested in fashion blogging I knew I was meant to help her. We got together last Sunday evening to do her first (of several I hope!) shoot with just a few of her favorite summer outfits and then finished out the night over dinner, planning out her new blog and much MUCH more! I even taught her a little about her DSLR! I see a very bright future for this lady and I can’t wait to see her get there!



  1. Peggy Barnes says:

    I love you in the jeans.