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Monthly Duty Day

January 30, 2015

For at least a year I’ve been mentioning this little thing I do at the beginning of every month called the Monthly Duty Day list. It’s another great idea from the lovely and wonderfully talented Katelyn James! I took her list, removed a few things that didn’t pertain to us and added a few things that did. For over a year I’ve been tweaking it and I think I’ve finally got it “perfect” for my business and our personal life. AND to make it FUN to use as well as logical, I made it pretty!

Business Tasks:
+ Update portfolio website
+ Record mileage from previous month
+ Record expenses from previous month
+ Report taxes from previous month

Personal Tasks:
+ Pay mortgage for next month
+ Pay bills
+ Give pups heart worm pills
+ Prep for upcoming Pursuit Paducah Gathering

And look, I made one for you!