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My husband is a superhero and I force my dog into the water against her will

September 4, 2011

What: Lake Day

When: August 28th

Where: Lake Barkley

Who: Me, Neil, Megan, Bryan, Aly, Benny, and Precious (Ben isn’t in any of the pictures, but he was still there)

The following pictures were taken by me and are SOOC. They’re primarily on Facebook because Neil wants to show off. He’s just being a guy. Neil and Bryan play this game where one person throws a ball from the water and the other person tries to catch it in air while jumping off the front of the boat. They asked me to take pictures of the action because again, they are guys. Neil is the one in the black swim trunks and Bryan is in the white swim trunks. Thanks, boys, for wearing opposite colors! Megan was sitting in the back of the boat getting mad at Precious for going crazy every time a boy jumped off the boat. I was just laughing at the whole occurrence. But seriously, look at my husband’s Superman form! You’d think he’s been practicing of something.

After that I retired my camera to Bryan, who took a video of Neil and I forcing Aly into the water. I’m such a mean momma!


  1. Mel says:

    Vienna doesn’t care for the lake much. She gets very frantic. Ike I’d getting used to jumping now though. With his life jacket and a little encouragement that is!!

  2. emmysuh says:

    HAHA, I love all of this!