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Saturday with family

September 5, 2011

Neil was off all day Saturday so we spent some family time in Paducah. Basically, we just hung out at Neil’s parents’ house, playing with Kolt. And that’s ok with me. It was nice to have some down time and to just sit and chat. Also, Neil and I hadn’t spent any length of time in Paducah in a while. AND I got to eat lunch at the Parlor! But my favorite part was following this little guy around…

Whoops! I guess if I hadn’t had my camera up to my face I could have caught him but he is such a boy. Falling down is a many many times daily occurrence. Oh! He’s saying everyone’s name now INCLUDING my ridiculously hard-for-toddlers-to-say name. “R” is the last sound toddlers learn to make yet he said it right off! We didn’t even have to transition from “Achie” to “Rachie”! Yea, he’s calling me Rachie, what of it? That’s what my niece Hannah calls me too and I love it 🙂

I had planned on taking more pictures of our day, even though we didn’t do anything particularly exciting, but I was too busy teaching Kolton to say “Holy Cow” and “Dude”. Of course “Holy Cow” comes out “Hody Dow” but it’s still so freakin cute! You guys, he’s turning 2 in a just a few months! Being around him REALLY makes my ovaries cry. Just sayin’.


  1. Leanne says:

    Haha “holy cow” – how cute 😉

    PS… Probably not going to help those crying ovaries, but I think you’re going to make the PERFECT mom one day 🙂

  2. emmysuh says:

    I like to teach babies to say LADY GAGA or CAWCAW. Jack is really good at CAWCAW.