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New Year’s Resolutions from 2011

January 2, 2012

I love looking back on my New Year’s Resolution to see how I did. Believe it or not, I only look at these for the first few months but then I kind of forget about it so when I write this post at the end of the year and I go back to the post I’m always pleasantly surprised…

1. Manage our finances better. Last year we did better but still need improvement…

2. Do well in school. Check! I’m so excited that school is almost over for me too! 😀

3. Lose weight. Another check! I’m so pleased with my weight lose last year.

4. Spend more time with family. We were able to spend more time in Paducah last summer and with my parents at the lake house but it was a little hard during school.

5. Get a job as a nurse ex-tern. It was a goal but once last spring semester had ended I decided that since I only had this one last summer before I had to work full time, I decided to take advantage of that.

6. Reduce the amount of unproductive time spent online. I can’t say that I’ve reduced my unproductivity online as much as I would have liked..baby steps!

7. Do something exciting at least once a month. I didn’t really keep track of this one so…who knows.

8. Attend church more often. This one is a fail. We tried but school was just too busy.

9. Take more pictures. I definitely took more pictures of other people but failed big time on taking pictures of my daily life. I in fact took less than I did the year before.

10. Cook at home more. Check! I meant to blog more about food but I did actually cook more this year.

Next, I’ll cover this year’s resolutions!