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Rachel & Michael

October 30, 2019

An Overcast Downtown Fall Paducah Kentucky Engagement Session

Much of Rachel & Michael’s story takes place on a lake in Southern Illinois. They didn’t attend the same high school but he lived near her parents lake house and so they’d seen each other around and knew of each other by proximity occasionally, especially during the summer months when her family would be at the lake and lake house. When the met officially through mutual friends many years later at a lake gathering, Rachel claims it was rather awkward because they really had already known each other for 20 something years at this point and she couldn’t have possibly missed her soul mate this entire time…. could she? But after spending a few hours with him one evening on the lake, it became clear to both of them – by the end of that night, she was his co-captain and his girlfriend.

At that point they were in college but attending different schools, two hours away, but somehow managed to never miss a weekend during those two years apart! They continued their relationship to each other and to the lake and boating. It was in fact on a dock in Chattanooga where Michael proposed and where we will all return in October 2020 for their wedding!