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Madison & Seth

November 5, 2019

A Classic Downtown Fall Carson Center Paducah Kentucky Wedding

I always want so so much for my couples on their wedding day. I want the weather to be perfect – definitely not raining but also not too hot of cold so that outdoor portraits are comfortable for everyone. I love fall weddings and crave that warm light and coloring they provide. I want the timeline to be spot on so and that everyone had at least laid eyes on it so that the day runs smoothly. I hope that every vendor is successful in implementing their part of the plan and in a timely manner (a good timeline helps!). I pray that everyone is SO READY for this marriage to begin and they are equally excited to partake and enjoy the day.

Now, it’s pretty rare that every single item on that wish list is checked off – usually I’m only missing one on any given wedding day (not every wedding can occur in the fall!). But that was not the case for Madison & Seth’s wedding this past weekend! Literally every single wish was fulfilled and man did it feel great to celebrate with their friends and family knowing that everything leading up to and following the REAL reason we were all there that day – the actual getting married part, of course – was just as perfect as the ceremony!

A few of my favorite things to note from Madison & Seth’s day: 1) Madison asked that her little brother would be present during her first look with her dad because she knew that she would practically fall apart seeing her dad and seeing her dad see her and her brother is always joking and teasing and she needed him to lift the mood. And lift it he did! 2) Seth had described to us what he thought Madison’s dress looked like and he was WAY off but we are so happy he was wrong… his face when he turned and saw her during their first look was so perfect! He was VERY pleasantly surprised at her dress and told her many times throughout the day how much he loved it! 3) Their ceremony was less than 10 minutes long! WHAT! I know! I heard several guests proclaim that that was just like Madison to plan an In-and-Out ceremony – she’s all about efficiency! 4) I have never seen a groom smile more at his bride during a first dance as Seth did when he danced with Madison. You could tell that even though they’d known each other since 8th grade, and had been dating almost as long, that this day was what he’d been waiting for his whole life.

Ceremony + Reception | Carson Center

Bride’s Gown | Martin Thornburg, Chrislyn’s

Florist | Bluegrass Event Planning

Planner | Bluegrass Event Planning

Hair Stylist | Stephanie Raney

Make-Up Artist | Payton Raney

DJ | Bear On The Air

Videographer | Sydney Kelley Productions

Cake | Jessica Robey

Pies | Walker Hall

Catering | Walker Hall

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire | Chrislyn’s

Rentals | Bluegrass Event Planning


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  1. Kristie Cantrell says:

    Such amazing pictures for such an amazing day! Rachael you did an amazing job! So much love to Seth and Madison for a lifetime of love and happiness ❤️