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Projects of 2014: Project 1

January 10, 2014

Along with the goals I made for 2014, I also started a Project list. This year, I want to accomplish this, that, and the other. I entitled this list…


Around the beginning of December, Neil and I started talking about restarting fertility treatments in early 2014. We plan on doing more than we did in 2013 and therefore, knew we’d need a little more cash this time around. Thus began our first project:


By increasing our income, we’d like to accomplish the following:
+ Pay for our infertility treatments, and in turn, HOPEFULLY getting pregnant!
+ Grow our savings account
+ Save up for a down payment for Neil’s new truck
+ Pay off all of our debt
+ and of course, live debt free and without as much financial stress

We plan to increase our income by doing the following:
+ I got a part time job. The awesome thing about working for myself is that I can schedule myself in a way that will allow an additional job for additional income! I started aforementioned part time job Monday and work 40 hours this week. Woot! During my first 3 months I’ll be in orientation and working 36 hours and then I’ll drop down to 27 hours, or three days, a week.
+ We have cut back on our expenses and plan to keep searching for things to cut out
+ I made this simply amazing excel spread sheet to track our debt snowball and I am so excited by implementing the changes to bring about what it’s predicting. SO EXCITED.

We anticipate this project will last as long as I can handle working as a full time photographer and a part time nurse AND going to school full time.

Stay tuned for updates on Projects of 2014!


  1. Jenna Beach says:

    Proud of you lady! We are praying for you and Neil. It’s very brave of you to be full time with photography and take on a part-time job while going to school. Just make sure you continue date night and get some time to relax. Your body needs time to rejuvenate. We should chat about budgeting…skype date soon. We are in the same boat as you with Project Increase Income. Love you dear!