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December 11, 2010

After going back and forth, I decide to have everything compiled on the blog instead of having both a website/portfolio and a blog. It will makes things MUCH easier on me and my readers and clients won’t get neglected! Win-win.

Therefore, let me show you around the upgraded Rachael Houser Photography website:

First thing you’ll notice is the slide show in the header. If you’re on one page long enough you will get a sneak peek of each portrait session I’ve shot. I plan on changing the order of the slides every once in a while so you’ll see each other at least once if you visit often enough. Obviously, when I gain more clients I won’t be able to show every session. When that time comes the slide show will just highlight my favorites.

Second is the “galleries” menu item. When you hover, a drop down menu will appear, listing every gallery. Each gallery has its own page and slide show. I worked very hard on this so I hope it gets used.

I’ve changed my pricing to include a bit more: hours (I changed it from 1 to 1-2), locations (from 1 to 1-2), and now you get the disc of your images from the session absolutely free. I think the latter is very important. I’m also offering printing packages now! This is exciting because not only will this save YOU time, but with every $200 you spend in prints, you’ll also get a free 11×14 print of your choice. See, exciting!

So I hope you’ll continue to visit my website/blog. I’ll be adding things as business progressed <3


  1. Tamela says:

    Its looking great!! I love the header.