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Katie & Grant

August 12, 2014

It’s been an extremely mild summer for Kentucky. For example, it should have been already in the high 80s when I started shooting last Saturday mid morning. Katie & Grant were incredibly fortunate in all aspects of their wedding day, including the weather… I think it got up to the high 80s but not until mid afternoon and after their reception, during their bride & groom portraits, it was mid to low 80s AND we had a breeze!

It can take a little bit to get back into the swing of things when you’ve had a couples weeks off like I have and I am so thankful that Katie & Grant’s wedding had the weather, locations, and timeline that made it smooth sailing from start to finish…. Don’t you just LOVE it when things fall into perfect place?


I love to work in churches that have actual bridal suites! A special spot for the bride and her girls to get ready in and to hang out in before the big show!


Another thing I love? Father-Daughter First Looks! Katie knew her dad would tear up but I don’t think she knew how much! It was so touching!!


It was starting to get toasty outside so we stayed indoors for Katie’s bridal portraits and her mom requested a few pictures in the balcony near the stained glass windows. THANK YOU MOM! These were my favorite by far!!




The closer it got to the ceremony time, the more shade we got…. we ran outside real quick for a few portraits of Katie & her girls.


Homemade aisle runner for the win! Thanks to Grant’s mom!




I use to favor later weddings because it usually produce better reception images, which is not an opinion… they usually do! BUT I am falling in love with these early weddings because everything is said and done right before sunset and my awesome couples are opting for their portrait time during the golden hour. BEST THING EVER! We aren’t rushed in between the goings on of the day which makes my couples a lot more relaxed for my favorite part of the whole day!



  1. janet hawes says:

    These pictures are so lovely Enjoy looking at all of them

  2. Vicki a says:

    So loved the pictures